Want to Know How to Properly Mow Your New Lawn?

Tips from a Professional Lawn Mowing Service on Caring for Your Lawn

Lawn mowing is an important maintenance job. What is referred to as a lawn comprises of short, thin leaves of a turf grass species. Maintaining this as part of a home’s landscape is crucial. However, it’s not just doing this which makes a lawn look lush. There are several helpful tips, which if used, will greatly improve the look and health of a lawn.

The usual kind of machine which is used to mow a lawn is known as a rotary mower. This comes with an engine that rotates blades in a circle. Most of these mowers are created to also gather the grass clippings whilst it is getting cut, and these clippings are also a valuable source of nutrients, such as phosphorous and nitrogen. One recent advancement with rotary mowers is a mulching design; this leaves grass clippings on the floor in order to break down, and subsequently refertilize a lawn.

Mowing can be quite stressful for the grass; ask any professional lawn mowing service, and due to this, most kinds of grass come with their recommended mowing heights. In either case, a good rule is never to cut more than 1/3 of a the grass’ height in any sitting. Nearly all rotary mowers are adjustable and can be adapted to the different kinds of grass and mowing time tables.

As is the case when using any machinery, following all the basic safety rules will decrease the chances of injury which is associated with mowing. The first step is to get familiar with your mower’s safety features, like the engine cut-off switch, and leave them all connected. Then, it doesn’t hurt to first inspect your lawn before you start, just in case there are any rocks or hard debris which can prove dangerous if they are spat back by the high speed blades. Sturdy shoes and clothes will provide extra protection. In addition, gasoline powered lawn mowers must only be refuelled when its engine has cooled down for approximately 10 minutes.

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